The Petal Knot | A Hair “Do”

They are having a moment, but for some of us, were they ever not? Either way you shake it, bandanas and handkerchiefs are the accessory that gives and gives…and gives. Tie it to your bag, wrap it on your wrist, loop it ’round your neck, circle it on your noggin’ – I mean, carry your lunch in it if you are really looking to get creative! Too far? Okay, we’ll stick with using it as a head wrap today.

I’m not a new fan, this gal is a veteran. But really, of all hair add-ons and overall…flair. Gimme all the hats, headbands, barrettes, braids, bows and yes, ties.

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You can never have too many ways to tie a bandana in your hair, it keeps it fresh. Let’s go ahead and call this style The Petal Knot, but don’t let the sort-of-sweet-semi-fancy title curb your enthusiasm. The best part is that the look lies just between not as darling as a bow and a tad more original than a knot.” It’s really your typical knot with one side folded back like a petal. You see? Simple.

“…not as darling as a bow and a tad more original than a knot.” 

Give it a try and check out these oh-so-fun bandanas that are sure to make The Petal Knot one you will repeat over and over this season! Links at the bottom.

 Madewell • Burnt Sienna Multi

Old Navy • Printed Neckerchief in Windowpane

Terrain • Cotton Garden Bandana

Free People • Wild Child Triangle Scarf

Universal Thread • Geo Woven Print in Yellow