Behind the Collection

My professional career is about 13 years old now. You might call it a moody teenager deep in the trenches of discovery. It’s old enough to know successes and failures, but still maintains that youthful glow believing the best is yet to come. Print

Most of my career as an artist has been spent behind the computer screen as a graphic artist. I was seventeen, visiting R/GA Studio in NYC and decided right then and there that I wanted to pursue graphic design.

Our world is inundated with design, well-done and not, my goal is to assist small businesses in telling their story by creating beautiful, honest branding. I never questioned if this professional path was the right fit, yet I failed to recognize the gift that it was to know what I wanted to do at a young age.

Fast forward to 2018. Balancing the priorities of life is something that takes intention. As a wife, mother, daughter, friend, designer and volunteer who trusts in the plan, timing and story written by the Lord, work has played varying roles over the past few years.

When I’m not designing on the computer, I have found myself using my hands in creative ways that are outside my normal repertoire. These have been more of a hobby, while maintaining design clients.

This year, I launched a collection of handmade jewelry. It was a collision of design, color and style that made me feel on-purpose and on fire. The first collection was embraced and supported well by family and friends. It fueled my enthusiasm to make more and keep going.

It’s as if a part of me has come alive. I can’t stop creating and making and designing. The beautiful part is that it feels completely natural. That’s how I know I’m doing something right.

When I’m trying too hard, it shows. When it comes with little effort, it’s some of my very best work.

You might ask, what has the world of “making” done for me? It has left me feeling unfinished in the best way.I don’t know where this career of mine might go or ultimately end up, and I’m more than okay with trusting the unknown.


Challenging myself in new ways has opened my eyes. These creative “journeys” are part of my craft and my craft is who I am. Am I a master of any of it? I sure hope not. I’ll leave with the wisdom of Will Rogers, “When you’re done learning, you’re done.”


Did you have experience in jewelry design before? How did you learn how?

Beyond my personal collection and admiration for accessories, my experience in jewelry design before Polka Square Collection was limited to the jewelry-making courses I took during my undergraduate design program. I took that knowledge, along with ample research on materials, environment, techniques, etc. prior to even trying my hands at it.

Why do you only sell online? Will you ever have the pieces in shops?

The Collection is ever-evolving, as is the business side. A number of women in my life who have supported the business from the very beginning do not live where in my community, or even in the same state. It was important not to limit the access and keep it open to anyone with the Internet.  ||  I am giving wholesale serious consideration. There are many elements to that decision and none of which I take lightly. October2018Collection-01

I would like to support Polka Square, but everything sells out before I can even buy, it’s just too hard to shop like that. What gives?

I hear you. The goal was never to create a race, a rush, or that Black Friday shopping experience. As a one-woman-shop, I’m designer, photographer, marketer, bookkeeper, supply & shipping manager and customer service representative. The collections are batched to maintain the highest level of creativity during the design process. To ensure it isn’t clouded with the business side. Then, the artist hat is hung and the other hats are worn to get the products in the hands (or rather on the ears and around the necks) of those who appreciate their beauty most. Attempting to do all things at once, blurring the lines of artist/business owner isn’t the wise decision. || It is understandable that this creates a rushed feeling to shop. I believe this will eventually slow down as Polka Square grows and evolves over time. || When you are patient and understanding, you are, in turn, supporting small business, empowering a woman, fueling a passion.

What are your goals for the Collection? 

This is a season of home. What does that mean? With our first child, we learned the hard way that toddlerhood is a time that we are most comfortable at home. Our second child didn’t make it to toddlerhood. Our third child it smack in the middle of it. I’m embracing it. Home. The Lord has graciously gifted an opportunity to use this creativity from the spaces in our home. It can be done in a way that honors the balance of life. My goals are humble.

  1. It is important to be ever grateful, first and foremost.
  2. It is a priority to be honest; to celebrate the unique and original, not only in the handmade pieces, but mostly in each of us.
  3. It is special to connect with you, family, friends and people who appreciate art.
  4. Lastly, to stay open-minded. I trust that if this is the path the Lord wants for this part of my life, doors will open or close with clarity.

Do you take custom orders?

At this time, custom orders are not available. I am considering a “You-Pick” Option in the near future, allowing buyers to choose from a set list of colors, shapes and sizes. Not fully custom, but a pre-order style option.

How do I know when Collections are available?

Stay connected on Facebook and Instagram! Also, head to, scroll to the bottom of the page and add your email to the list to receive news + announcements.

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