The Kitchen Sink.

Some of you know that I have been making a considered effort to tidy up around our home. I’ve rearranged almost every room, and while doing so, using the Remodelista Manual (run, don’t walk, to purchase this book of gold). We eat out as little as possible, in part because we have two children and spending time in restaurants feels a bit like punishment for both parents and children IMHO. Also, we make every effort to eat clean and fresh these days. That being said, I hang out near The Kitchen Sink a fair amount. As you may have read on a recent Instagram post of mine, I’m really spending some time on No. 5, which suggests that even the most mundane items like a scrub brush or wastebasket doesn’t have to be – or rather shouldn’t – be an eye sore. Consider getting rid of the plastic dish soap bottle and opt for using a glass oil dispenser. Or, instead of hiding your coffee in a cabinet, make a simple coffee corner and put the coffee beans or grounds in a glass container. Embrace what you use instead of hiding it away.

I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite pieces to update The Kitchen Sink. I personally keep our dish soap in an oil dispenser and hand sanitizer in a glass mason jar with a soap dispenser and lid. I use a scrub brush by Full Circle and I love it! A dear friend of mine sent me a photo of her Kitchen Sink Redo this week and she opted to put a darling mini plant along with her necessities all on a round wooden block – oh, it’s swoon-worthy! The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank.


/1/ Farmhouse Pottery $95 /2/ Farmhouse Amber Dispenser $28 /3/ Lola Tampico Brush $10 /4/ Full Circle Bamboo Brush $10 /5/ Burstenhaus Round Bristle Brush $12.99 /6/ West Elm Oil + Vinegar Set $39 /7/ Boston Bottle Set $10.99 /8/ Lodge Scrub Brush $8 /9/ Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser $28 /10/ Giara Glass Bottle $24