Musings on Motherhood

Six whole months ago, these feet came into my life and took up residence in my heart. 

They have nearly doubled in size since then and surely received nine thousand kisses.

Where will these feet take her? 

What adventures might they venture on someday? 

What lives will these feet walk into as the years pass?

Sure, six months ago, day-to-day life was more simple with an only child, proudly and independently five. But golly, her presence in our house and our hearts is nothing short of incredible. 

I’m challenged daily. My ability to keep it all together is tested in ways I’ve never experienced before now. I’m torn, regularly, and I feel unbalanced. 

Coming to terms with the inability to do it all has been a wrestling match of my heart and soul. It is both deeply humbling and satisfyingly refreshing. 

Being a mom is a gift that I admittedly take for granted on occasion. There are days when showers don’t happen. Weeks when I have a list of things to get done and not one thing gets crossed off. Months when I contribute zero dollars to our family’s bottom line. There are thank-you notes I have neglected to write, gifts I should have sent, coffee dates I cancelled and sips of wine I missed. 

Truth, people. That’s my honest. It’s plain hard sometimes…a lot of the time. And I’ve got a boat load of perspective to work with. Yet, motherhood can still make me question everything about myself.

Through it all, I’m thankful for people in my life who allow me to be honest. I’m grateful for a husband who picks up the pieces of my brokenness and loved me through it. 

I’m humbled by two living children. I’m different because of our daughter living in Heaven today and always. 

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