Branching Out

If you were to assume I’m having a branch/stick/wood decor moment, you would be wrong. The truth is, I’ve always had a bit of an eclectic taste and love texture. In our first home, 900 square feet of memories, I used a lot of sticks and branches. My husband was in dental school and I was making our ends meet – sticks and branches were cool and, better yet, free (insert sheepish grin).

My taste hasn’t changed a whole lot, just become more grown-up I suppose. For that, I am grateful. I still love a lot of the decor we used over 10 years ago.

Fast-forward to today. Our little man is spending quality time with his PawPaw in the woods building a bonafide treehouse. You know what that means, friends? Sticks and branches galore! On top of that, I’m floating high on creativity these days. I can’t get enough and constantly feel the need to design, style, create, invent, dream, write and capture.

I have a plethora of beautiful yarn just begging for attention and their patience paid off.


Supplies: Yarn, Scissors, Wood Glue, Branch

  1. I cleaned up the branch a bit. It had a little too much earthy texture.
  2. I then determined what in pattern I wanted the colors to flow.
  3. Wood glue helped keep the yarn ends in place. I started and stopped each color on the same side of the branch.
  4. I decided to let some of the wood show through after each complete section of yarn. It felt honest.


Wrap and wrap while Pandora plays your favorite station. I am a huge fan of Thumbprint Radio, it creates a station based on only songs you have liked. While creating this branch, I heard Here + Now by Ariela Jacobs and fell in love. Take a listen soon…anyway, you’ve wrapped and wrapped a little more and now have a finished piece!



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