Shop Love | No. 5

The blue doors welcome me through a breezeway complete with honeycomb tiles housing brass letters which read KNOBLOCK, a clever and meaningful homage to the place which the shop called home for decades, until very recently. I look up and my eyes are greeted by an orange ceiling aglow with sparkle from a chandelier begging to be noticed.


As I enter Wooden Nickel, I pause to look around and simply appreciate the vastness of it all. You see, the shop relocated a few blocks west this year from Stillwater’s famous Campus Corner to another hot spot on “The Strip”.

There is so much to choose from, yet the shear size of the new space allows for the inventory to breathe. As I begin to browse, the young and beautiful shop girls check in on me to offer their assistance, all the while keeping things in perfect order. I notice how each hanger is evenly spaced; I’m confident this is not an accident.


The shop offers a wide variety of items including apparel, shoes, handbags, accessories, gifts and a few home goods. Highs and lows fill the racks and shelves, there is an option for every budget and every style. I, of course, spend ample time with the paper goods. I’m a sucker for Kate Spade Paper and Rifle Paper Co. products, so I’m in heaven here.

I peel myself away from the paper only to fall in love with an oversized dreamcatcher in one corner flanked on each side with eclectic, textured and bright pillows. Suddenly, I get lost in a daydream as I picture someone styling these items in a fall, outdoor photoshoot of a fun family and kids…Swoon! 

I slowly journey through the jewelry, accessories and candles thinking of family and friends with upcoming birthdays. As I thumb through each rack of apparel, I unwittingly find several items to try on. And I’m so glad I did! Let’s talk about the dressing rooms for a moment. There are lots of them and the fabulous wallpaper sends my designer-brain spinning.

DressingRoomDuring my time in the shop, I notice of the varying ages and stages of my fellow shoppers, proof that Wooden Nickel appeals to many. More time has passed than I would like to admit, there is much to admire and all kinds to consider for both women and men. Put Wooden Nickel on your “must do” list the next time you are in Stillwater after lunching at Hideaway or Eskimo Joes. Just like Stillwater, Wooden Nickel is full of heart and history, it’s all right there in the details. You will be treated with kindness and enthusiasm whether you go in on a Monday morning or a game day Saturday!

Wooden Nickel is located at 401 S. Washington St. | Stillwater

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