Shop Love | No. 3

It’s a treat for the eyes even before I walk in. Gold foil lettering sprawls across the large glass window as it reads, “Sara Kate” in a delicious script. Beyond the lettering and through the looking glass is a world begging to be admired.

I open the door and a subtle whorl of amber and moss enchants my senses. “Please, oh please, let them carry a candle in this scent,” I plead silently. I’m not two feet inside the shop and already I’m enamored by the whole of it. It is bursting at the seams with treasures new and old.


I see a darling woven basket complimented with playful, neon pom-poms. To the immediate north, a vintage lamp sheds light on a charming pair of antique riding boots, which I can’t help but imagine full of umbrellas.

As I round each table and my eyes wander from floor to ceiling, I realize what it is about this shop that has captured me, the texture. It’s the white enamel table covered with worn postcards complete with tattered edges. It’s the brand new, letterpress greeting cards next to glass jars full of Italian ribbon wound around wooden spools. And it’s the incredible wall of pillows that draw my eyes to a ceiling dripping with retro chandeliers.

Each vintage treasure tells a story while the freshly hatched merchandise is eager to begin journeying from the shop to a place to call home.

I end at the honey hole…candles. I inhale a little too deeply as I go through the line-up. Each scent is rich and unexpected in the most wonderful way. There it is, No. 11 Amber & Moss by P.F. Candle Co.…I smile with delight as I pick up the one I will adopt and call my own.

I make my way to the counter to purchase my new goods. It is lined with four leather barstools that are just plain rad. For the first time since entering, I notice the back wall is fully equipped with a rolling ladder. Thus, the cool status of this shop just went through the roof of this endearing brick and mortar.

One last look around and I know, I will most certainly be back. This experience was far too unique not to return for a sequel. I bid adieu to the friendly and delightful shop clerk and I’m out the door. Until next time, Sara Kate Studios, cheers!

Sara Kate Studios is located in Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City at 1100 N. Broadway | No. 102.

Shop online at


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