Shop Love | No. 2

It’s a hot and sunny day but I can feel the air is changing, fall is close. I round the corner and see the playful and quirky logo on the glass door. Walking in, I am greeted by the World’s-Most-Friendly-Pup, Olive. I give her a quick pat on the head and a scratch under the chin and she gleefully and proudly returns to her special spot in the shop.

I take a moment to look around, soaking in the array colors of this quaint space and my heart smiles. A fresh batch of neon, letterpress greeting cards line one white wall, while on the opposing one, dreamy notebooks are just begging to come home with me. As I look at the different designs, I think about how there is something about a fresh, unused notebook that is simple and yet so full of hope. Opening it is like welcoming a world of potential, like a brand new day with a clean slate.

I move slowly as I thumb through the newest washi tape patterns and browse the rainbow of fine-tipped pens. Basically, I just wander about, admiring the creativity bursting at the seams.

Olive the Chirps & Cheers Shop Dog

This shop epitomizes the handwritten note to me. It has everything one needs to send a smile through the mail. Some may see this as a lost art, but never will I stop anticipating our four-o’clock-mail-drop in hopes that someone has written just to say hello. I’ve been hard-pressed to find anyone who disagrees. Snail mail is personal and it takes time and heart. Address the envelope in hot pink and seal it with striped washi tape and even the mailman (or woman) will wish it had his or her name on it.

I snap back to reality and realize I’ve been holding the same notepad for too long. By now, I’ve spent almost an hour in this sweet little shop and decide it is time to check out. I could have twirled around the shop and flirted with each fabulous item just one more time, but I admit to myself that the quicker I check out, the quicker I get to actually use my new shop goods!

As always, the owner, Susan, gracefully and courteously rings up my total while asking about my day and thanking me for supporting the shop. I’m escorted out by my new friend, Olive. I thank her with another quick pat on her fluffy head and I’m out the door with a bag in hand and a smile on my face.

Chirps & Cheers is located in Midtown Oklahoma City at 1112 N. Walker Ave., Suite 101.

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