Shop Love | No. 1

I walk in the glass door as the morning sun radiates with piercing beams through the east wall of windows. I breathe in and the blissful aroma of freshly ground coffee fills my lungs. My eyes meet the young, hip baristas who seem delightfully eager to wish me a “Happy Monday” and take my order.

Decisions, decisions.

It doesn’t matter really. In the end, whatever I choose will be one I don’t regret. Momentarily, I battle between an Almond Milk Chai and a Granita. For a second, I actually consider asking them to blend the two creating a drinkable Heaven, but I refrain.

“Almond Milk Chai,” I say with delight. I can all but taste the spice as each word drips from my mouth. It’s just as dreamy but with a little less sugar than the original.

I make my way to a booth with a view of the rising sun and, perhaps more importantly, a set of electrical outlets within reach. I look around. It’s full of two types of patrons: a. those working or studying with earbuds strategically placed in each ear with a hand close by their morning caffeine, and b. coffee dates. Small pairings of people catching up, developing plans, making the most of their early morning.

No one looks sad or stressed, in fact, everyone appears quite content. I hear my order called at the bar and my tastebuds sing with anticipation of the creamy goodness handmade with care.

Slowly and carefully I sip while thinking, “Practically perfect in every way”. It is such a simple way to start the day but it’s warmth seems to coat my stress and dissolve it completely.

Polka Square Latte | Aspen Coffee Co.

Polka Square Latte | Aspen Coffee Co.

I notice a young mother, with her two little ones nibbling away at their scones, she takes a sip of her morning coffee. She blinks slowly as if to savor the moment.

That’s what Aspen Coffee Company is for me. It is a reminder to pause. Enjoy the simple things. Appreciate the sweetness in life and move slowly through it. Sip the moments with care.

Aspen Coffee Company has multiple locations in Stillwater and Edmond.


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