Handmade with a Twist

Designing a logo for a business is quite an honor and one I don’t take lightly. It is possible that logo design is one of my favorite opportunities as a graphic artist.

Why? A logo sets the foundation. It should be thoughtful and tell a story. I love the design process from pairing fonts to choosing colors. When it came to designing the logo for Polka Square, it went through several stages until it felt right. Below is the initial logo design. I still love the clean look and simplicity. What wasn’t working for me was the story…or lack of one really. I wanted it to say more and mean more.

Polka Square Logo

I knew I wanted to keep the typography and felt the fonts paired well together. After going back to the drawing board and really focusing on a design that had more depth, I confidently chose the following as the final logo for Polka Square.


Each color has meaning and purpose:

Gold: This represents faith.

Navy: This is for my husband, my rock. Like the color, he is strong, masculine, bold and traditional.

Turquoise: This is for my son, Cooper. Turquoise is known to heighten creativity and is a “friendly” color, both of which describe this little boy.

Light Pink: This is for my daughter, Audrey. She lived for 81 beautiful days and changed my life for the better.

Light Grey: This is for balance. It serves as a reminder to keep things in perspective.

Coral: This is for me, simply because it has and always will be my favorite.

In addition to the story of the colors, I chose this design because everyone will see it differently. Some will see one large square, others will observe a pattern of multiple squares within squares.

Something I have loved doing, after I design a logo for businesses, is bringing it to life. I’m a print designer, I work on the computer almost exclusively, but from time to time I need to get my hands dirty and pull out a paint brush.

I took the time to create a painted version of the Polka Square logo, with the help of my Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine to make the gold lettering.

See the evolution below…






Ready for a new logo to represent your company? Let’s partner together and bring it to life!